About Us

We are more than a dress company. 
Giving is the foundation of our purpose.
Our mission goes deeper than designing clothing. Here at Dainty Jewell’s, our mission is to deliver flawless elegance for every occasion in a woman’s life while creating a legacy and community for generations to come. We are committed to making an eternal impact by celebrating and supporting all women. We want to bless others because we ourselves have been blessed. 
Giving back to our community near and far, uplifting and supporting women and families, our foundation operates with an air of reciprocity. Giving back has been near and dear to our hearts since the very beginning. Throughout our 13 years in business, we have donated dresses to ladies locally impacted by natural disasters and globally through our missionary partners. We have put together care packages for locals in need and teachers working to better our communities. We have matched customer purchases, dress per dress, during our annual “Buy One, Give One” event, donating hundreds of our original designs to ladies in need. But we want to do more; so we have created the Dainty Jewell’s foundation. 
This foundation puts our mission into action. We want to empower, equip and encourage women who need a helping hand and organizations who are working to make the world a better place. Through dresses and monetary donations, we want to do what we can to be a light. Improving lives through giving and community connection, our approach welcomes all requests that support those in need. 
We're excited to make a lasting impact; we hope you will join us! Stay up to date on our latest projects, follow us on Instagram and Facebook