Home Missions has our Heart

Home missions is near and dear to my heart! I grew up in a few home missions churches over my childhood, my parents are current home missionaries and I've seen and experienced the difficulties and hard work that comes with this type of ministry. It's not easy by any means but what an amazing impact it can make in a community! Home missions start small but are on to something big! And we want to help them make a positive impact in their communities. 

Our focus this first quarter will be home missions churches. Proceeds this quarter are going to benefit Home Missions. Whether it be a new keyboard, rent payment for the month, clothes for new church members - we want to be of assistance! If you are a part of a home missions church or know of a home missions church - please share our assistance application with them! We would love to help as many projects as we are able!

Stayed tuned for project updates! We can't wait to share the the wonderful work you help support through donations and by shopping our foundation collection. 

- Charity Jewell Walter, Foundation Founder & Dainty Jewell's CEO