Global Missions Support Spotlights

We're going global this quarter! We are so excited to partner with a variety of missionaries all over the globe who are working to be a light. A number of needs were brought to our attention and because of your support - we are going to be able to meet them! Dresses, keyboards and gift cards are being prepped and packaged to be sent to Africa, Guyana, Mexico, Peru, Rwanda, Egypt & the Philippines. 

Not only are we working to bless the congregations and communities these missionaries are working with, but we are also working to bless their children. A big part of our Global Missions focus is missionary's children. These children grow up in foreign countries far from the rest of their families and they serve right alongside their parents. Their childhood looks a lot different than ours and so we want to encourage them and bless them with some of our favorite dresses and gift cards. 

Missionaries sacrifice so much and we want to bless and thank them for their work! There's still time to donate or shop our foundation collection to support these needs. Join the cause at